Balkan Yacht Adventure
Balkan Yacht Adventure
Balkan Yacht Adventure
Balkan Yacht Adventure

"Bok" friend!

you have no idea where you’ve just docked

But stay for a minute and I promise to take your imagination on a soothing adventure through the vast turquoise abyss that is the Adriatic sea, through crystal-lined caves with fish the colors of five rainbows, through lush valleys and under waterfalls, through cobbled back-alleys that have borne the feet of 100 generations and past walls that have seen too much, through delicatessens lined with foods you’ve never tasted, through a world of exquisite beauty, endless sun and golden skin.

Sailing through crystal clear waters, enjoying yoga classes on the most mesmerizing places, hiking the most astonishing island peaks with the view from the God’s perspective when he was creating the paradise on Earth, exploring off the beaten path locations that no tourist has ever visited, and tasting authentic local cuisine based on recipes passed down through generations

Will you join me in this world?

Sail away with the Balkan Yacht Adventure and let your imagination
run free.

  • DATE
    August 21 - 28, 2021
    8 days
    1400€ 1300€
    (Corona price till August 1st. 2021)
  • DATE
    August 21 - 28, 2021
    8 days
    Yoga and hiking
    1400€ 1300€


Give me BAlkan the way it is

Let’s explore Croatia’s rich Nature and Culture: Mountains, Beach and Sea, by Sailing yacht with Yoga sessions, Yoga meditation with mantras chakra and crystals work.
This is a Yoga journey through nature’s elements exploring our senses and tuning our chakras. A warm hug from the summer light breeze, pebbles rustling below our feet and an eternal turquoise meadow that is called the Adriatic sea, all perfectly in line with our soothing spiritual flow.

So whether you are an experienced yogi, beginner or simply have an affinity for yoga and meditation, we will make sure you have a comfortable practice and pleasant experience.
The classes will be determined on the spot, in accordance with the group energy, other daily activities and the weather.

From gentle, but energizing vinyasa flow classes which fluent movements will help us free our body and mind, chakra work with opening heart chakra and solar plexus to focusing on breathing and balancing pranayama work, this yoga adventure will provide us with new, fresh energy that will help us seek and find courage, spontaneity and our true potential and creativeness. The classes will take place near water and in the outdoors where we will be emerged in the beautiful nature of the Adriatic coast, which will open the path to releasing stress and negative emotions, thus creating space for new experiences and positive emotions.

Besides our everyday yoga classes, the scented ambient, lavender fields and green and turquoise surroundings of the islands of Brač, Hvar, Vis and Šolta will provide the peace and quiet we will need after eventful days spent hiking, sightseeing or simply swimming and sunbathing.

Last but not least, a true gem and added value to the yoga practice are our YOUBYOU Biocrystal® Yoga mats that you we will use for the yoga classes during the trip and which you will receive as a special present from our team. These mats are infused with a power of 16 different crystals selected for their strong relaxing effect on Body & Mind. The Yoga mat included and a present for you to take home.

A combination of yoga, meditation and chakra work together with the Biocrystal® Yoga mat and the magnificent natural surroundings will provide you with a unique physical and spiritual experience that will help you release all accumulated stress, let you dive into your inner self and your true nature and help you on your journey of becoming the best version of yourself.
Do something great for yourself and join us on this amazing journey! Just say YES let YOUBYOU! Are you ready?

Sail, exhale, relax

the bya is for you if…

  • You have a curious spirit and love yoga
  • If you appreciate the magnificence and majesty that Sea and Nature offer
  • You long to have a truly authentic experience away from mainstream and look forward to creating life long memories

the bya is NOT for you if…

  • you’re not willing to leave your comfort zone
  • you dislike nature or just don't enjoy it
  • and obviously if you get really, really sea-sick seriously, you’re on a yacht 🙂
*note for the first-timers: sea sickness medicine as well as plenty of natural remedies are available at the pharmacies


How does it work?

the adventure will be led by a professional skipper, experienced Yoga teachers and a dedicated hostess (per request)

You are welcome to either bring an entire crew of 8 with you and  occupy the full yacht or book your spot individually. Depending on the size, the boat can have 3-5 cabins (with either a choice of a queen bed or two single beds per cabin).

The hostess is available per your request to meet all your dietary needs. Besides preparing delicious meals, the hostess is in charge of maintaining the yacht in spic-and-span condition. Hiring a hostess is optional.
Your skipper is Croatian, knows a whole bunch of interesting facts about history and culture of the region, and is the best person to help you experience 8 magical days of the Balkan Yacht Adventure as a true Balkan (wo)man.
Last year it was hiking but this year’s theme: YOGA !!! Yes… You read it right. So – yogis of the world, unite! Included in your BYA are 8 days of enchanting yoga classes on the Adriatic sea pearls – the islands, while island hopping, pursuing the best beaches to welcome the sun in the morning and send it off in the evening.  Let yourself be carried by the easy going Balkan lifestyle currents through vast plethora of Mediterranean Croatian gastronomy. Release stress and detoxify your body while relaxing, swimming and walking through the most beautiful nature on Earth. Fill yourself with positive energy brought by negative ions while meditating. Now inhale deeply.  Exhale completely… Relax… Imagine the possibility. And click the ‘Let’s sail’ button.


8 days of fun/come and see what we've prepared for you



Today you will meet your crew and skipper in the port of Split. Grocery shopping follows and in a true Balkan style, you will sample some local delicacies before sailing into the balmy night towards the beautiful port of Milna on Brač island.

The evening yoga class begins with island yoga organization in a scented ambient after which is followed by a free time for a traditional Croatian cuisine for the ones who opt for. Night festivities continue under the moonlight with your new found friends.



We’ll welcome morning with our first yoga session and after a free time to grab some good homemade breakfast we’ll drive to the starting point of our easy walking trail to the Desert Blaca where the ancient monastery of Blaca awaits for us. Vidova Gora as the highest peak of all Croatian islands reaching 780 m above the sea and with the most mesmerizing view expects us and we will reach it driving. Later on, some will have an option to descend to Bol on foot and others will join them driving in the vans. Our yachts and skippers will wait for us in Bol. Ever done “Sun salute” position to farewell the sun on the most beautiful and scenic beach in the world, Zlatni rat, proclaimed by many? Let’s regain our energy peacefully splattering in the crystal blue sea. Free time for dinner continues. This day will allow you to warm up your muscles, joints and hamstrings while absorbing the best that nature and Brač culture can offer.

* Our yachts will wait for us in Bol and for the ones who don’t want to walk and explore the inland of Brač there’s an option to sail from Milna to Bol and to accompany the rest of the group in the afternoon hours.



After an early morning yoga, breakfast and some stroll through the Bol town, we will set sail for the picturesque island Hvar with many swimming stops on the way. After a lunch on a yacht the ones who feel energetic and frisky will embark on an adventure exploring the famous Hvar city with the fun and a lightly competitive treasure hunt.

After dinner time everyone can enjoy exploring Hvar’s fortress and hidden beaches, bars and charming cobbled streets with bunch of jazz, classical music, modern music pubs. Or maybe we’ll just loaf on the deck, swim and enjoy the free evening – it’s optional. Since the town is abundant in bars and clubs of all sorts don’t be surprised if you suddenly get in a dancing vibe. Dinner at the traditional, intimate restaurant for the ones who opt for.



This day is full of colors, scents of herbs, spices and flowers. After a good morning yoga and an energetic breakfast will hop on our bikes and set our pedals toward abandoned villages, vineyards, intoxicating lavender paths and finally – climb the Hvar’s highest peak, St Nicholas mountain for the ones who want in their free time. You can use bicycles or rent a car, cabrio beetles, scooters or anything you prefer.

We’ll immerse ourselves in local legends, funny stories, natural delights. Yoga will be held in the most glorious landscape there is – in a lavender field from the postcards that will make you hire a professional photographer just to take the best shots ever! There’s another night following in this energetic Croatian islandic town that will prove why is it among the most famous lures in the Mediterranean.



There’s something especially captivating in doing yoga in a beautiful scenery of one of the most famous cities in Croatia – Hvar and especially if it’s done on a terrace of a beautiful Adriana hotel. You’ll enjoy a cooked breakfast on the Adriatic Sea while sailing for the magical Island of Vis.

A day filled with sailing, sunbathing and swimming in the crystal turquoise sea. Lunch will be prepared by your hostess or you (if you didn’t hire one) on the boat. We’ll dock at beautiful city of Vis.

Have you ever tried doing yoga on water? You don’t have to have supernatural powers for it, having a SUP (Stand Up Paddling) board will do the trick. Get ready for a hilarious and sportful yoga session which, don’t underestimate it, requires some skill and practice to master. Don’t forget to enjoy the greatest Mojito you’ve ever tasted with sunglasses on your eyes while saying goodbye to the sun from the Fort George’s green garden. Dinner at the traditional, intimate restaurant for the ones who opt for.

 This is a relaxing day to celebrate the middle of our adventure. Yes, there is more to come…



We start the day with a bit of action. At Vis we’ll jump on some scooters or cars and explore the green and blue mountainous landscapes – lead by your expert and incredibly charming skippers and team leader, who have definitely scootered before, you can be sure you’ll see the best of the island. We’ll do morning and relaxing yoga and continue to the top of the island – Hum peak and will visit historical Tito’s caves from where he led partisan movement in the WW2 for a while. Vis is actually famous for his military history and has many secrets and stories you don’t want to miss. Enjoy your free time in Komiža and let your explorative spirit run free in this picturesque, old, maritime town. For the ones who want they can visit a famous Blue cave in Biševo.

To fill you free time with amusements, our skippers will give you a list of the best places, wines, food to try and buy so feel free to explore on your own. You’d like some yoga before the dinner right? How about having a peaceful yoga session in the middle of the small vineyard of the family restaurant nearby? Inhale, exhale, relax and walk to your table. The dinner will be in a private, intimate “konoba” where you can try to sneak and pick some great recipes if you’re lucky enough not be caught by the chef. Or, maaybe he’ll even let you cook with him if you jolly him.



Morning yoga will be in the Vis city park near the dock where are yacht are calmly swaying. We will dedicate this day to swimming, sunbathing and nature exploring. We will visit submarine caves which you will be able to explore by yourself in a dinghy boat. After some free time, we’ll set sails and continue our Adriatic sea adventure with another sailing day filled with several swim stops at the most exotic spots. We’ll visit hidden beaches, picturesque and tranquil coves with deep blue waters while inhaling the air permeated with scents from maritime herbs and feeling gentle breeze in our hair.

Free time at island Šolta, a home to one of the most glorious olive oils, which is populated from the ancient times so don’t be surprised if you stumble upon Roman traces or baroque castle on your wanderings. Need some time to relax and absorb the nature and the sea breeze? Feel free to sit and relax in any of the nearby beaches or cobbled squares, the same place where we’ll say goodbye with yoga session to the sun this day. Traditional dinner at a local, cozy restaurant for the ones who opt for.



Today we’ll say goodbye to this glorious week and to our new found friends. It was a week full of… ahh, all the words can’t compensate the divine feeling behind it. This is what we call a full – on authentic Balkan experience wrapped in magical scenery, amazing people, addicting energy.

This is how life supposes to look like as much as often as it can. Hope you liked it and with that said – See you on the next Balkan Yacht Adventure!!! 😀

"Every destination holds a part of my soul that is yet to be discovered."
— filip jakovac

What's included in the price:

Give me BAlkan the way it is

  • 1. A shared cabin in the yacht (Be sure to find a partner. Of course we will be happy to find one for you if needed. You can be on your own but that increases the price)
  • 2. A welcoming drink and local delicacies on the yacht
  • 3. A personal English fluent skipper
  • 4. Two personal English fluent yoga instructors
  • 5. 15 Yoga guided sessions
    6. A carefully picked places to enjoy yoga sessions in Milna, Bol, Hvar, Vis, Šolta, (From nature, yoga camps to luxurious hotel terraces
    7. Scooters or cars on Vis island
    8. SUP (Stand Up Paddling board) on Vis island
    9. WiFi on board (Limited from 1 to 5 GB depending on the charter)
  • 10. A special BYA 2021 T-shirt
    11. Tourist taxes
    12. Marinas, berths, anchors and buoys feess
  • 13. Fuel for the yacht
  • 14. An auxiliary motor for the dinghy boat on every yacht
  • 15. Clean sheets and towels on a yacht
    16. Final yacht cleaning
    17. A carefully planned itinerary
  • 18. Bike rental Hvar
  • 19. Auxiliary dinghy boat and a motor
  • 20. Treasure hunt map with attractions and useful info

Reserve your place on Balkan Yacht Adventure

"Photo albums will be forgotten in some folder after a while, souvenirs covered by dust, but memories of experiences you lived through and the people you met keep you warm forever. Like a place to sleep in a house of a friend you meet here in the Balkans."



The best option for you is to arrive to Split a couple of days prior to the actual BYA. You can enjoy the beautiful cities Trogir, Split and the surrounding areas while preparing for the trip. The final preparations include: allocating a place where you can leave your suitcase (in a case it it is too big to carry on the boat), buying the last necessities such as seasickness medicine, sunscreen, sunglasses and similar accessories etc. Storage areas are available at hotels you’re staying at, or at the main bus station etc.

The ideal suitcase size for the boat shouldn’t exceed the 22 X 14 X 9 inches, or ‘carry on size’ (the one that fits in the airlane overhead bin.

Try not to buy food before the check-in because it may go bad. Also, skipper is knowledgable about the most suitable groceries. You will arrange everything on the day of the check–in. After the meeting with the skipper you’ll go to a nearby supermarket where you will buy to most essential groceries such as plenty of fresh water, fruits and vegetables, meat and diary products and/or foods according to your dietary needs.

No. Adriatic sea is swimmers and watersports friendly. Of course we can’t guarantee there are never dangerous sharks in the waters, but in 99.9999% cases, jellyfish burns are the only danger you have to look out for and these instances occur rarely.

You don’t have to but if you don’t feel like cooking and preparing meals for yourself, then it’s definitely recommendable to hire one. Hostesses are in charge of keeping the boat clean and cooking the meals. Or have some more cash for restaurants. You won’t regret either scenario.

Yes you do, because our skippers know the itinerary the best, as well as interesting historical and cultural facts about the places you will see.

Tipping is optional but highly recommended. In Croatia, tipping in the tourism and service sector is common and is expected as service charge is not included in the final bill. The size of the tip is not set and it depends on your satisfaction with the service provided and how much you feel they deserved.

No. They are here to do their main tasks such as navigate the yacht , guide you through hiking, prepare meals and keep the space tidy. They are very friendly and kind and they will be glad to help you with anything you need if it is within their power. For example, at times, the itinerary changes due to the bad weather. If the skipper decides not to sail out or change the route for safety reasons, it’s advisable not to persuade him/her to do that.

Again, it totally depends on your lifestyle and preferences. Prices in Croatia tend to be a bit lower compared to Western Europe. The price for the average meal ranges from 10€ to 25€ per person. It can be less or more depending on your wishes and apetite. Drinks come from 2€ to 5€ or even more € if you want cocktails. A cup of coffee ranks from 1,30€ to 3€ an average but it’s more close to 1,30 etc. Usually people take around 500€ to 1000€ with them on the boat and in Sarajevo. You don’t need to spend it all but have it just in case. In addition, please make sure to have the funds for port fees, yacht renting deposit and piggy bank/kitty (details are below).

Yes for the yacht. On the check – in day we’ll have to make a deposit that varies from 1500€ to 2500€ per boat. That’s standard in the yachting industry and the deposit will be returned to you after a charter agency makes sure that the yacht didn’t get damaged during our week. Usually the amount deposited to the charter agency is divided among all the yacht members.

In a beautiful house. Each room is equipped with a queen or a king bed.

The port fees vary from 50€ per a yacht for the night to 150€ or even 200€ if we’re moored in a bigger and more luxurious marinas. You can cover the port fees from the kitty.

This is a very IMPORTANT question. Setting up mutual kitty/ piggy bank is customary for sailing.   It is recommended that everyone participates equally with 150€ – 200€ total which will cover some common costs such as port fees, food, and drinks on the boat.

Cigarettes are O.K. as long as you aware of non-smokers on the boat and you’re not torturing the rest of the crew and the people with the smoke. Alcohol is also O.K. but be careful not to overdo it because accidents can happen and are pretty common on the sailing yachts because all of the hollows and protuberances on the deck and in the inside. Drugs are a big NO. No drugs will be tolerated or accepted on the boat, in Sarajevo or during the whole trip. From easier to heavier drugs, all of the drugs (Marijuana also) are illegal in Croatia, therefore prohibited on the Balkan Yacht Adventure also. Follow these simple rules, take care of yourself and your loved ones, relax, breathe and leave your inhibitions on the shore and you’ll have the best time.

American and citizens of the EU countries (Plus EEA countries and Switzerland) don’t need to obtain a visa to enter Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina for tourist purposes. Be sure to bring your passport with you. For a longer than 30 days stay, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina check the requirements with your embassy or a consulate.

Nothing is mandatory. All the itinerary (other than marked as exceptions) are included in the total price of 1300 €.

Nothing. Bring your suitcase, positive energy and a smile and prepare for the most amazing 9 – days that you’ll remember for the rest of your lives. J See you on the boat.

We definitely recommend you to take all or some of the following insurances. It’s all up to you but still it’s very important to know about it and have it:

An insurance in case of an accident or illness on the trip, in case of baggage damage and loss, voluntary health insurance during travel and staying abroad, insurance in a case of travel cancellation and insurance to cover travel and return costs to the starting point in case of accident and illness. Have that in mind. Being unsecured is not adventurous or cool. It’s just irresponsible.

No. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to be in any shape whatsoever. The mountain peaks we’re going to climb are not insurmountable and are actually pretty easy to hike with mild gradients and moderate slopes. Usually it takes an hour to hour and half for an island peak to climb and almost the same time to climb down. The exception is the last mountain Čvrsnica which is a bit more demanding with an average of 2,5 hours to climb up and the same time to go down. So you should be physically able to walk up and down for few hours.

If there are going to occur any legal and practical restrictions to enter Bosnia and Herzegovina due to Covid – 19 related situations we will change the route and instead of going to Bosnia and Herzegovina we’ll go to the inland of Croatia – to Dinara or Biokovo mountain – both options beautiful and practical. You’ll be notified of any outcome.

We will be versatile when it comes to yoga sessions but all of them will be adjusted to the group knowledge level and physical possibilities.

The classes can be determined on the spot, in accordance with the group energy, other daily activities and the weather.

We’ll work with Vinyasa, chakra work, pranayama etc. 

The classes will consist of many grounding asanas, forward bends, sitting asanas, lying postures. They will include many yin and restorative elements, pranayamas and calming affirmations which will open the path to releasing stress and negative emotions, thus creating space for new experiences and positive emotions.

Presentation of crystals, their working and chakra relation. Practical integration for daily life and yoga practice.

We missed something?




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